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Shakira Sets On Building School For Haitian Kids; Performs At Hope For Haiti


Photo of Shakira
After the relief effort helps Haitians get back on their feet, Shakira’s ‘Barefoot Foundation’ has teamed up with Architecture for Humanity, a charity, to build a school for the Haitian children.

Shakira, who recently performed a sultry rendition of The Pretenders’ classic ballad ‘I’ll Stand By You’ in New York during the ‘Hope For Haiti’ telethon special performances, quotes on her website, “There is a great need for immediate aid in Haiti, but also for longer term reconstruction.”

Previously, Shakira was part of launching an educational facility in Columbia, her native country. She hopes that the school in Haiti will have the same success as the one in Columbia, which provides teaching, nutrition and counseling for the children in need.

Also on her website, she talks about giving the children who were affected by the disaster a chance to learn and thrive; quoting, “When we educate children, we empower societies.”

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