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Russell Simmons Defends Wyclef’s Yele; Exposes Other Non-Profits With Problems


Photo of Russell Simmons
Russell Simmons comes to Wyclef Jean and his Yele Haiti Foundation’s defense at a press conference, quoting “He is a hero in Haiti, if he ran for president, he would probably win.” Russell doesn’t directly address the financial documents of Yele currently under scrutiny by many, as reported on HipHopRX.com, but he does point out that there are problems usually with charities and other non-profit organizations as well.

In the press conference, Russell says that Wyclef’s plan is to evacuate the people from what is being dubbed ‘the morgue’ and out them into tents, giving them food and supplies.

There are bodies everywhere and no where to bury the dead. Some bodies have already been buried/dumped, so some people will never know if their loved one is alive somewhere or if they’d been killed in the earthquake.

Russell never actually named the organizations that were “having problems,” but says that he knows for sure that they are too ‘having problems’ however Wyclef “did alot with a little.” Simmons added that we should concentrate on the people who are suffering on the ground, get them relocated like Wyclef is suggesting and get them access to some good healthcare.

Video: Russell Simmons Defends Wyclef and the Yele foundation

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