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Warren G Speaks on Why He and Brother Dr. Dre Never Made a Song Together


Even when Death Row Records was at it’s highest level of success in the 90′s, rapper Warren G. explains to Devi Dev of Hard Knock TV that he didn’t want to join the group because he didn’t want to wait. He wanted people to hear what he had.

Warren G also reported that Dre told him that he needed to go out and be his own man and do his own thing. Warren said he felt hurt when Dre told him he’d have to go out on his own. He said he felt left out. But, Dre already had his stuff together and Warren said he knew he’d be waiting forever for Snoop and he didn’t want to do that. He really wanted to work and with his ‘fam.’

In related news, Warren was recently speaking with SOHH about replacing Nate Dogg with Trey Songz and said that Trey just came in and nailed Nate’s parts. Warren states how he wanted to work with Trey, and commented on how he liked the song that Trey did with Drake “I Just Want To Be Successful.” He also says that Trey is a very talented R&B artist and he and Trey will be doing some work together in the nearby future.

Watch video of Warren G talking about his relationship with brother Dr. Dre and Snoop and why he didn’t sign to Death Row Records.

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