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Amy Winehouse Warned Of Prison; Pled Guilty To Drunken Assault On Man’s Groin!


Photo of Amy Winehouse making an ugly face
Singer Amy Winehouse has been accused and has plead guilty of kicking Richard Pound in the groin during a Christmas play in the U.K. Richard Pound is the venue’s manager in which Winehouse kicked him in the groin after pleading with Amy to stop screaming obscenities during a December 19th performance of Cinderella in Milton Keynes, England.

Parents at the show reportedly complained about Amy cursing throughout the show. Allegedly Amy attacked Pound when he tried to move her to a private section of the theatre. Pound has since filed a complaint with local police resulting in the arrest of Winehouse. The singer was arrested on December 23, 2009 after turning herself in to authorities.

On Wednesday, 26-year-old Amy Winehouse pleaded guilty to charges of assault and disorderly conduct in Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Court and was issued a two-year prison suspension and a fine of $296 compensation and costs.

Judge Milton Keynes claimed that it is Mr. Pound’s job to interact with the public therefore he “deserves the court’s protection” adding that “in this case it’s obvious” that alcohol played a part in Amy Winehouse’s assault. With that in mind, the judge orders Amy winehouse to “stay on the straight and narrow for the next two years.”

The judge claims Amy will be “hit hard” and “hit twice” if she violates, meaning that Amy will have to back up a two year prison term if she violates her terms.

Photo of Amy Winehouse making an ugly face

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