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Two and A Half Men Jon Cryer’s Ex-Wife Sarah Hired Triggerman To Kill TV Star?


Picture of actor Jon Cryer
Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer is accusing his ex-wife Sarah Trigger of trying to possibly have him killed by a hit man. Yes, Trigger is her last name and she possibly hired a triggerman. We can’t make this kind of stuff up people! According to reports, due to concerns over security the television series canceled its studio audience, because of a possible threat.

Jon Cyrer and his wife Sarah Trigger is reportedly in a nasty custody battle over their 9 yr-old son which has caused a lot of tension between the two, to say the least.

Meanwhile, additional reportings are stating that FBI investigating is the situation, while Sarah Trigger’s attorney Vicki Greene states that her nor her client have been contacted by the FBI and believe that these are rumors being spread.

While there are mixed reports going on, another one states that the reason the audience was sent home on the set during the taping of the television show is because Jon Cryer received a threatening phone call.

Since the news broke, Jon Cryer reportedly stated he is feeling more safe now.

In other news, Sarah Trigger was allegedly arrested on last year back in May after her current husband called the police about their two-year old son having rope and cord marks around his neck at her Hermosa Beach, CA home. Sarah Trigger was released on $100,000 bail.


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