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Rihanna’s New Man Matt Kemp Has Abusive History With Women, Says Ex-Girlfriend


Rihanna must have a thing for abusive men or maybe she had no idea that her new man, L.A. Dodgers’ Matt Kemp, has a history of abusing his girlfriends?

According to reports, Matt Kemp’s ex-girlfriend, actress Felisha Terrell also the ex-fiance of Terrell Owens of the NFL team Buffalo Bills, filed a restraining order against Kemp in 2008 claiming to have suffered “constant verbal abuse and threats.”

“He is violent and I am afraid,” Felisha stated in the affidavit, adding that, Kemp was “kicked out of a club for fighting with a woman.” Felisha Terrell added that she was afraid his behavior might be a sign that he would get violent with her since they were “no longer dating.”

Terrell went on to say that, Matt Kemp “repeatedly” made her scared by always getting in her face. Matt Kemp’s ex-girlfriend goes on to make claims that at some point and time he threatened to take and destroy her property.

Felisha Terrell also states that he intimidated her by having his friends drive up and down the street which has made her very fearful. She goes on to claim that he has had people calling and stalking her.

Rihanna has went on the air since getting out of an abusive relationship with R&B singer Chris Brown in the hopes of helping other women who are being abused, as reported on HipHopRX.com. But her role as a role model for abusive woman is proving to be more of her following the foot-steps of a woman who goes back to abusive relationships.

Most of all women who are victim’s of domestic violence, say they forgive the abuser or go back to them because they love them. In Rihanna’s case, she has jumped from one abuser to an alleged abuser. Let’s just sit back and see how this one will play out! Play Ball!

Photo of actress Felisha Terrell Picture of actress Felisha Terrell

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