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American Idol Ex-Convict Matt Lawrence Dream Audition; Admits Bank Robbery

Live Performances

Picture of Matt Lawrence during his American Idol audition in Orlando
American Idol contestant Matt Lawrence entered the room in hopes of making his dream come true by doing what he does best and that’s singing. Before Matt Lawrence began singing, he told the judges about his troubled past as a teen and the crime that he committed.

Matt Lawrence states that when he was 15 years-old, in High School, he had everything going for himself. In addition, he had this desire for adventure which lead him to robbing a bank with a BB-gun and spending four years in prison or as he put it “four birthdays.” The only thing that Matt Lawrence is hoping to do now is make his dream come true and to put a big smile on his mother’s face and make her proud.

During Matt’s audition in Orlando, he sang a heart wrenching rendition of “Trouble” by Ray LaMontagne which landed him his ticket to Hollywood.

According to Simon Cowell, it almost felt like Matt Lawrence could have written that song, which the other judges agreed with him. “That’s how believable it was,” stated Cowell fumbling through his words as he completed his sentence.

Watch Matt Lawrence perform the song “Trouble” for the American Idol judges for Season 9 auditions.

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