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Bad Girls Club 4: Amber and Flo Crazy Fight Over Lesbian, Gay Affairs (Photos)


Bad Girls Club 4 Amber and Flo crazy hair pulling fight!
The roommates of The Bad Girls Club have once again lived up to the name of the show, as they were definitely bad on a recent episode when two of the roommates, Amber Lynn and Florina ‘Flo’ Kaja, got into a crazy hair-pulling fight over an argument about being gay.

The fight began after one roommate, Annie Andersen, sparked a gay conversation because she was wearing a shirt with the word’s ‘Legalize Gay.’ Hmmmm. Well, Amber began talking about either being a lesbian or being a homosexual claiming that you can’t be both, a bisexual, saying you either “lick the cooter or stick the cooter!”

Now keep in mind before all this, Amber was seen making out in a limo ride home after leaving the bar, kissing with roommate Kendra James who actually attempted to make out with all the girls in the limo. This was after Amber first saw Flo making out with a random blonde at the bar (before the limo ride back) and looked disgusted in the face at Flo and even began questioning her as if to understand ‘lesbianism’.

Well, during Amber’s so called questioning of people who both ‘lick the cooter and stick the cooter,’ Flo overheard the conversation and well, let’s just say, enough is enough!

To make a long story short — Flo screams at Amber, Amber pushes Flo into the pool – Flo gets out and as if in a hair-throwing sport-like way, pulls Amber from her lawn chair (which she sat down after pushing Flo in the pool) and slings Amber across the concrete about 5 feet away, by her hair!

Well, all this can be seen in the video clip below, but for the ending (which is not seen in the video), Flo returns home with a cast on her ankle (which she may have broken when thrown into the pool by Amber) and later Amber feels Flo should be removed from the house but Flo, like a champion of words, talks Amber out of it, then smiles at the camera following her great acting performance.

Bad Girls Club 4 Amber pushes Flo into the pool, breaks her ankle! Bad Girls Club 4 Amber and Flo crazy hair pulling fight! Bad Girls Club 4 Flo throws Amber by her hair across the concrete pool deck!

Watch video of Amber and Flo of Bad Girls Club 4 fight over lesbian affairs.

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