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Ex-Vols Coach Lane Kiffin Scandal Coverup: Coeds, Drunk Car Crash, etc? Photos


Picture of former Tennessee Vols Coach Lane Kiffin now with USC

There’s a scandal brewing and it has to do with former Tennessee Vols football coach Lane Kiffin who recently announced that he was leaving to go be with the USC Trojans (University of Southern California).

As you may know, with most things there comes a price and with the case of Lane Kiffin, that’s dirt after a picture was revealed earlier last year showing him fraternizing with co-eds and then later info about a car wreck that he left the scene of just to save his face. And this is just part of it….

Reportedly Lane Kiffin, Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, and Kiffin’s brother-in-law David Reaves were all snapped on last year meeting up in a local Knoxville bar after hours for a few drinks and whatever else with a few ladies. The rumor mill is spinning that the ladies also had an apartment so that they could hold their little rampage affairs.

On another occasion, an accident occurred where Lane Kiffin had female co-eds in a rental car loaned to him through the UT program. Lane Kiffin is stated to have crashed the car, while possibly intoxicated, and left the scene of the accident by vamping off with a neighbor who came to his rescue leaving the ladies in a limb. The story goes on to say that someone dropped the loaner car off which is stated to have extensive damage and now the Knoxville car dealership (Lexus) wants their money since he plans on jumping ship and he nor the school has paid up.

As for the women, TMZ is reportedly in Tennessee trying to dig up more dirt on the former Tennessee football coach and they’re even ready to shell out some cold hard cash.

As TMZ hunts for some co-eds looking to squeal on Lane Kiffin, Kiffin also looks like he may be getting investigated for possibly committing a NCAA violation. Lane Kiffin allegedly lied before heading off to his destination in Los Angeles by stating that he will not recruit the players that go to [UT] unless they call him. The snafu is that his recruiter Ed Orgeron slipped up and stated to reporters that they initiated phone calls to some of the 26 Tennessee recruits that they both received commitments from. It is also been stated that Kiffin’s recruiter also told players not to attend Spring classes for the week. In addition, students were also offered USC scholarships. Hmmm.

Now the NCAA has came back with their rules which a spokesperson stating that a student-athlete that is currently enrolled and then transfers must sit out for a year before they will be eligible to compete and that an institution cannot contact a student-athlete without the permission of the current institution.


Coach Lane Kiffin with some young female college co-eds at a local Knoxville bar
Picture of Coach Lane Kiffin and co-ed college girls with brother David Reaves and Steelers coach Mike Tomlin Picture of former Tennessee Vols Coach Lane Kiffin now with USC

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