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Children Of Montel Williams Blast TV Host! Say He’s A Deadbeat Dad?! (Photos)


Photo of Montel Jr. and sister Wyntergrace, children of Montel Williams
Former talk show host Montel Williams had a wonderful relationship with his children, that is until he and ex-wife Grace divorced. According to reports, that’s when the relationship between Williams and his children went sour.

Montel Jr. and sister Wyntergrace went on record to put their daddy on blast saying that Montel Williams is an “absentee’ in their life”. The NY Daily News has reported that the children say his public persona doesn’t agree with their personal pain. The children wants their daddy to become more active in their lives or leave it to mommy to make all the decisions. “It’s your choice!”

“I wouldn’t say I really have a relationship with my dad,” says Montel Jr. Montell Jr goes on to say that his daddy is not in his life and although he’s living “comfortable” within his life, he “can’t say” he has Montel Williams “as a father.” Montel Jr. adds that there’s “fighting over things” that he really doesn’t think should be a fight such as paying for his PSAT.

His sister Wyntergrace added that she has seen him four times in five years and their last meeting was a disaster.

Wyntergrace says during one visit Montel Williams walked in “already mad” because he thought they were going to dinner instead Wyntergrace says she clearly told her dad in the email that they were going to see her therapist. She says the situation was “intimidating” because Montel Williams was ‘yelling’ at her.

Reportedly Williams is paying $18,700 in child support to 16 yr old Montel Jr. and Wyntergrace, 14.

Although he’s paying child support Wyntergrace says her dad is “like a stranger” and that the quote “great guy” that everyone knows is not “not making the best choices as a parent,” although Williams lawyer has another story claiming Williams has been “trying to go out to dinner with them” and trying to “call them”but has been quote “unable to accomplish that.

Today, Montel Williams has retired from daytime TV and now hosts a radio show called “Living Well.”

Photo of Montel Jr. and sister Wyntergrace, children of Montel Williams Photo of Montell Williams

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