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Is Hip Hop CEO Jay-Z a Member of ‘The Illuminati,’ a Satanic Cult?! (Photos)


Photo of Jay-Z pyramid symbol
Jay-Z a Member of ‘The Illuminati’? Well that’s what rumors on blogs and forums across the net are tying the rapper/hip hop CEO to. Speaking with Angie Martinez @ Hot 97, addressing the issue of claims that he is a devil worshiper and part of a secret society, (a.k.a. The Illuminati), Hip Hop CEO Jay-Z simply says it’s “silly” and though he believes in one God, he does not believe in Christianity, Muslims or hell.

“I don’t know where it started.” Jay-Z claims it’s silly, he believes in one God. He says he does not believe in Christianity, Muslims or hell. He says it sounds stupid and ignorant to believe that he belongs to a secret society or cult.

When asked whether or not he believes these groups exist, Jay-Z replies that he thinks there are “cliques” of “friend” that control things, and “cliques of people” that control the world but, to him, that’s just a “natural process.”

Jay-Z has been named one of the most prominent members of ‘The Illuminati’. HipHopRX.com will bring you more on this subject as information comes in. This info didn’t come out of no where as Jay-Z is seen several times throwing up clear signs of which many refer to as ‘The Illuminati’ satanic organization.

Jay-Z holding up his signature sign, close to Illuminati Photo of Jay-Z pyramid symbol

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