Rapper Drake Nearly Arrested in Jamaica For His ‘Foul’ Mouth


Young Money recording artist Drake evades being arrested after using foul language during a music concert performance in Jamaica.

Drake, who was just stopping through to do a surprise performance with reggae artist Mavado, was almost arrested at Brit Jam 2011 in Montego Bay, Jamaica last week.

The rapper’s set was cut short after his bodyguards whisked him off stage to avoid getting arrested for his foul mouth. Police officer’s warned Drake of the no profanity law but the rapper failed to heed the officer’s advice.

Reggae artist Mavado welcomed Drake to the stage for a surprise guest performance when the rapper greeted the crowd with, “Everywhere me go, me seh Jamaica to the blood clot world.” Apparently in Montego Bay ‘blood clot’ is “indecent language.”

Andrew Anguin, Brit Jam’s Marketing Manager, told XXLMag.com that “Jamaica is very strict about it’s no cursing policy”, so when Drake, who wasn’t meant to perform anyway, was told about cursing, he stopped.

Maybe Drake will watch his ‘foul’ mouth next time he’s in Jamaica.


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