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Heidi Montag’s Secret Obsession With Plastic Surgery! Before-And-After Photos!


Photos: Heidi Montag before and after plastic surgery pictures
The Hill’s star and singer Heidi Montag has a secret obsession with going under the knife. For the second time in 3 years, Heidi has had plastic surgery and admits to having 10 procedures in one day.

Heidi tells PEOPLE magazine that’s she’s “beyond obsessed” and for the past 3 years, she’s thought about all the things she can have done.

The Hills star has kept her own family in the dark and has even documented her recovery effort and journey to becoming “the best me,” she says.

Heidi told PEOPLE that she is addicted to plastic surgery having had breast implants increased to DDDs, a brow lift, a nose job, lipo, thighs and butt augmentation and even her lips just to name a few. Heidi reportedly had all this done on November 20th.

Montag says she was “made fun of” when sh was younger, so this left her with “insecurities” and it was “especially” after she moved to L.A.

One of the things people would say, according to Heidi was that she had a “Jay Leno chin.” So she decided to make herself “feel more confident” by getting plastic surgery so she wouldn’t feel like an “ugly duckling” anymore and could say “Whoa! That’s me!”

Ok, here’s the catch!

Montag’s “ultimate dream” is to become a pop music star, and to compete against the likes of artists like “Britney Spears” who, according to Heidi, when Britney was in her prime, it was Britney ‘s sex appeal that sold. That may be true?! Hmmmm.

However, Heidi Montag damn near went bankrupt from producing her album not counting the plastic surgery. When EW.com asked her if she was broke, she replied “I definitely am.”

Montag claims she put “every dollar” she had into it and “spent over $1 million, almost $2 million” on her album claiming it costed just as much as a “Britney Spears album” because she wanted that “quality.” Montag adds that she thinks she’ll recoup her money “within the first week” because the songs will quote “make an impact in pop history.”

Heidi Montag’s album “Superficial’ was released on Jan. 12th under J Records.

Photo of Heidi Montag Superficial album cover

Check out Heidi Montag’s Before-And-After photos, pictures which comes from the issue of PEOPLE Magazine.

Photos: Heidi Montag before and after plastic surgery pictures

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