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Lady Gaga Stricken With Exhaustion, Collapses; Forced To Cancel Concert


Picture of singer Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga was ready, ready to perform for her fans at Indiana’s Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, but her body wouldn’t let her go on. According to the singer’s publicist, she collapsed and passed out before hitting the stage.

Currently Lady Gaga’s doctor has instructed her to take a break after medics arrived and told her that she had an irregular heartbreak as result being of exhausted and suffering from dehydration.

The singer says she could hear her fans cheering from her dressing room as she begged to be let out on stage. Unfortunately, almost an hour before the show, Lady Gaga born Stefani Germanotta, 23, suddenly felt dizzy and had trouble breathing.

Lady Gaga did apologize to fans via her Twitter and is stated to have stayed up crying due to missing out performing for fans in Indiana which has been re-scheduled for January 26th.

The little “Fame Monster” singer who’s as unique as they come, says she has performed for fans with the flu, strep throat and a cold and would never cancel due to discomfort.

Hopefully, Lady Gaga should be fine after a few days of rest and drinking some fluids because she’s due to perform at the Grammys on January 31st and was just in the middle of her “Monster Ball” North American tour.

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