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Nick Cannon’s NCredible New Teen Girl Music Group ‘The School Gyrls’ Film


Picture of The School Gyrls
What do you get when you take three girls and put them in school uniforms? ‘The School Gyrls,’ and yes, Nick Cannon beat you to the punch. Rapper, comedian and entertainment executive Nick Cannon formed an all girl music group in 2008 which he has been working with behind the scenes. The all girl group features three teens: Jacque Rae aka Jacque Nimble (15), Mandy Moseley aka Mandy Rain (15) and Monica Parales aka Mo Money (16) and you’ll be getting a chance to see them via their TV special “The School Gyrls: A Field Trip to China” filmed in Harbin, China.

Announced by NCredbile Entertainment and Hollywood Movie Works, the 30 minutes television special will show “The School Gyrls” performance which is stated to have aired to over 1 billion viewers as they took a visit to the Modern Hotel, Ice & Snow Festival and performed in front of 10,00 people for China’s New Years special on CCTV.

The film will be Nick Cannon’s directorial debut and is set to premiere on Nickelodeon February 21, 2010.

In addition to the film, “The School Gyrls,” Nick Cannon will also be releasing a comic book series through a partnership with Archie Comics on The School Gyrls.

Meet The School Gyrls (BOP)

The School Gyrls Performing – Something About Him

Photo - Picture of Music Group The School Gyrls

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