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Usher Thieves Take $1 Mil Worth Of Jewels AND Unreleased Songs! More Details!


As reported earlier on HipHopRX.com, superstar ‘Usher’ Raymond has been a victim of a robbery that happened while he was shopping at an ATandT store back in December. Usher says that over $1 Million in jewelry was stolen out of his SUV along with furs that were worth over $50,000 and a computer with unheard song tracks of Usher on the hard drive.

While shopping at an Atlanta ATandT store with a friend, Usher had no idea that his GMC Yukon was being targeted by thieves. On December 14th a burgandy Chevy Impala pulled up next to Usher’s SUV, a man in his early twenties opened one of the doors of the Yukon a made off with over $1 Million in jewelry, $50,000 in furs, electronics including a computer with unheard tracks of Usher and Christmas gifts.

An employee at the store where Usher was shopping claimed to have seen the whole thing but is terrified to talk in fear of retaliation. Other witnesses say that the robber was an unknown man in his early twenties.

HipHopRX.com has learned that, according to sources, Usher seems to be more concerned about the laptop with all the unheard music he has recorded than everything else!

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