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Singer Usher Robbed! Thieves Steal $1 Million in Jewelry, Stolen From His SUV!


Photo of Usher
The R&B singer and oh so sexy and talented dancer was reportedly robbed in Atlanta on December 14th while he and a friend were inside an AT&T store.

According to TMZ, police report that Usher claims the thief/thieves broke into his Yukon SUV, getting away with plenty of Christmas gifts, personal belongings, $50,000 in furs, a computer and over a million dollars worth of jewelry the singer seems to have in his car!

According to Fox News, a witness did come forward saying they saw a Chevy Impala pull up next to the SUV and a man got out and popped open the door but that person is reportedly too afraid to testify. The incident is still under investigation.

HipHoprx will keep you posted as we receive more information on the subject.

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