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HipHop Producer Timbaland Says ‘Stay Out My Business, Jay-Z’s and Tiger Woods’


Picture of music producer Timbaland
During an interview with MTV, music producer and rapper Timbaland gave his input on the Tiger Woods situation as well as his own life. Timbaland even went on to say to stay out of his business, Jay-Z’s business as well as Tiger Woods’ business.

“That’s his [Tiger Woods] personal business…. You don’t know if his wife makes him happy. Don’t put all that blame on that man. You don’t know what that man going through, she could be stabbing him at night. But do y’all know that? All y’all see really really is that he’s a black man, he’s a top celebrity. To me it’s just political and prejudice in the game,” Timbaland states.

The super producer goes on to say not to have a debate on whether Tiger Woods should leave his wife Elin since there are kids involved.

Timbaland then goes on to add that the world needs to check themselves and leave people alone, him alone and that he has no beef with anyone.

“Don’t get in my personal life,” Timbaland says. “I got too much money, I will find you — internet, no internet. I’m not the one, leave me alone.”

Timbaland then addresses the people on social networking communities such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. saying, “Say it to my face, don’t be talking all that chitter chat behind people’s backs. I’m a grown man.”

Before ending his interview, music producer Timbaland goes back to his true passion and tells everyone to love music and let it take you out of your misery and pain and get off the internet and get back to enjoying the music.

Check out Timbaland in his sit-down with MTV.

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