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Rihanna’s Boyfriend Matt Kemp’s Match.com Ad Jabs At Chris Brown?! ‘I Don’t Hit Chicks!’


This video of Rihanna’s new boyfriend La Dodgers Matt Kemp shows a personal dating commercial ad placed by the baseball star on Match.com. In the commercial, Kemp says he’s drawn to women with “whiny voices” and he likes women “who wear clothes that show their nips,” the Matt Kemp says in the obvious video parody, which pokes fun at Rihanna who has been caught in more than a couple of nip slip moments lately.

Photo of actor playing Matt Kemp in Match.com Commercial Parody ad
The video, which is played by an actor, of course, shows Matt Kemp, Rihanna’s new boyfriend speaking about the kind of things he likes such as “baseball” and things he likes to do such as “public ass groping,” which pokes fun at recent pictures of the couple, Rihanna and Matt Kemp, seen in Mexico hugged up while Kemp is seen feeling on Rihanna’s booty!

The video Match.com ad of baseball star Matt Kemp is a Funny Or Die exclusive and ends with it’s most controversial joke, with Matt Kemp, after almost walking off screen without mentioning, returns to the camera view sayin “Whoa! I don’t hit chicks!”

This was his ending statement closing off his Match.com ad — insuring women that he doesn’t “hit chicks” and if you listen closely, you can hear him mumble words that sound much like “Chris Brown” while walking off camera.

But wait! The video also pokes fun at Rihanna during a few statements such as when the fake Matt Kemp claims in the ad that he likes a chick who has “set the bar really low” or women with a lot of “emotional baggage,” not to mention the statement that he likes chicks with “whiny voices.” Hmmmm…

Photo of actor playing Matt Kemp in Match.com Commercial Parody ad

Be sure to watch the video commercial of Rihanna’s Boyfriend Matt Kemp’s Booty Groping Match.com Ad!

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