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Tiger Woods Been Cribbin With NY Billionaire; Mistress: He Slept With Gay Men! (Photos)


Photo of Billionaire James Jim Dolan and Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods who has been under the radar after his dirty laundry was exposed by multiple mistresses who claimed they slept with the Pro Golfer, reportedly has been shacking up at his billionaire friend James L. Dolan aka Jim Dolan’s home in Long Island, New York. For those who are unfamiliar with Jim Dolan, he is Cablevision’s CEO which was founded by his father Charles Dolan. James Dolan is also the owner of the NY Knicks, NY Rangers and also Madison Square Garden which is a company of Cablevision Systems.

Currently the report is being disputed, but media outlets are reporting that Jim Dolan gave Tiger a nice and secluded place to lay his head until things quiet down some, a 10,000 sq foot mansion with a waterfront. From the looks of it, it won’t be anytime soon that Tiger Woods will return because the women are still coming like leaves growing on a tree.

The most recent so-called mistress, Loredana Jolie, is claiming that the Pro Golfer has some gay tendencies (bi-sexuality) and she even witnessed his encounters with other men as well as three-somes and his fetish for girl-on-girl sex parties which allegedly will be revealed in an upcoming book.

As for now, everyone is waiting to hear from Tiger Woods who possibly feels that he has shamed everyone that he dearly loves. We’ll just leave it at that.


Photos of Tiger Woods alleged mistress Loredana Jolie
Picture of Loredana Jolie - Tiger Woods Mistress Photo of Loredana Jolie - Tiger Woods Mistress Picture of Tiger Woods alleged mistress Loredana Jolie

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