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Is There Really A G-Spot?! Or Myth? What Did 1,800 Female Twins Have To Say?!


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Every woman has a way of achieving sexual pleasure during intercourse. But, do you have to touch yourself? Does he have to go down on you? What do you think a g-spot is and do you have one?

According to CNN‘s Elizabeth Landau, Researchers at Kings College London in the United Kingdom have brought the g-spot study to the forefront with a study of more than 1,800 female twins. However, Andrea Burri isn’t sure that the study was conducted in a way that the women really understood what they were being asked.

The women were not physically examined, but instead they were given a survey asking if they believed they had a “so-called g-spot,” a small area about the size of a nickel on the front wall of your vagina that is sensitive to deep pressure.

56% of the participants answered “yes,” but only 30% said they could achieve an orgasm during intercourse. That indicates they were confused because stimulation of the g-spot is supposed to induce an orgasm, reports Elizabeth Landau.

A very small amount of women say that they ejaculate when they have a g-spot orgasm.

Of course, the front wall of the vagina is sensitive but I believe you have to be mentally stimulated to reach that peak without touching yourself. For women (most women) sex is more mental than it is physical. Don’t get it twisted, yes, women love and crave the physical part too, but you can touch on the front wall of the vagina all day, but if women are not “feelin’ ya,” or if a woman’s mind is somewhere else, it won’t make a bit of difference.

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