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Ex-NBA’s Jayson Williams Reeked Of Alcohol After Crashing His SUV Into A Tree!


Photo of Former NBA New Jersey Nets star, Jayson Williams
Former NBA New Jersey Nets star, Jayson Williams, faced charges today after driving under the influence and slamming his SUV into a tree in New York on Tuesday morning.

Early Tuesday morning ex-NBA star Jayson Williams was driving his SUV when he swerved across four lanes of oncoming traffic on FDR Drive before slamming into a tree at the corner of Avenue C and E. 20th St. in Stuyvesant Town, New York. A witness told police that Williams was “bleeding from his face and had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath.”

Witnesses say that Williams was partying at several upper East Side bars in the hours before the crash.

Williams appeared in court today with a neck brace and a patch over his right eye to face charges of DUI.

Now here’s what may expectantly hurt his case: Williams was already scheduled to appear in court next week on a reckless manslaughter charge for the 2002 killing of limo driver Costas ‘Gus’ Christofi.

Williams reportedly was playing with a loaded shotgun when it fired and killed Gus. After Williams paid the Christofi family $2.75 million, a judge ordered a retrial, prosecutors offered him a 3 year sentence to serve in prison that Williams has yet to accept. Since the incident involving the limo driver, Williams lost his father and is going through a divorce which may be an influence adding on to his seemingly erratic behavior.

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