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Rapper Young Buck new HipHop G-Unit Diss song Steriodz follows Happy New Year!


Cashville’s Young Buck is definitely got his New Year’s resolution picked out! Although he might not have said it already — it’s definitely to take aim at 50 Cent and the G-Unit. The rapper has launched off two lyrical assaults already, starting New Year’s Day 2010 off with a G-Unit diss song now following with a new second diss track!

Photo of Young Buck
Young Buck, back again with a new G-Unit diss song, initially took aim at G-Unit with a New Year song and hip hop diss entitled simply Happy New Year, as heard here on HipHopRX.com.

Now Buck is back again with a new hip hop diss song aimed at G-Unit entitled Steriodz.

In his songs, Buck is addressing new issues and old, possibly forgotten issues. But these songs, which many online are already claiming are good songs by the rapper, are sure to re-flame something!

Check out Buck’s newest G-Unit diss track Steriodz, and initial Happy New Year song.

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