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Rush Limbaugh Out of Hospital, Questioned About Painkillers, Still Under Watch


Photo of radio host Rush Limbaugh

Influential and controversial radio show host, Rush Limbaugh (age 58), announced Friday that doctors found nothing wrong with his heart or arteries. The pains that sent him to the hospital on Wednesday were unknown, but likely from a spasm in an artery.

At a news conference at Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Mr. Limbaugh said, “They found absolutely nothing; it was a blessing.”

On Wednesday, around 2:30, Mr. Limbaugh was rushed to the hospital after experiencing sharp pains in his chest. He stayed until Friday for observation. When asked about taking painkillers, Mr. Limbaugh flatly said, “no,” after admitting to having an addiction in 2003 from which he had to take five weeks off from his radio show to go to a rehabilitation center.

Rush Limbaugh’s show is broadcasted on about 600 stations across the country and heard by over fourteen million every week.
The network that syndicates Mr. Limbaugh’s show said in a statement that he planned to return to work “sometime next week.” Rush has returned to his Hawaii hotel, but security remains outside the hotel door just in case, according to TMZ.

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