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Supermodel Beverly Johnson Ex-Boyfriend Sues For Millions Over Oral Agreement


Photo of supermodel Beverly Johnson
Must be lawsuit news day! Model and actress Beverly Johnson, 57, who’s noted as the first black model to appear on the cover of American Vogue in 1974 and paving the way for black women in the fashion industry, is reportedly in a legal mambo with her ex-boyfriend who claims that she made an oral agreement to support him financially for the rest of what he calls ‘life.’

TMZ reports that, Pro-Golfer(??) Mark Burk who split with her in 2008 has been in on-going feud even though they are stated to have already filed suits against each other.

Beverly Johnson states that Mark Burk had beaten her and even threatened to kill her and he’s fired back in his on legal suit that she’s lying.

This new lawsuit is from Mark Burk who wants to maintain a lavish lifestyle at her expense and it seems that since she’s not up for it, he wants damages in the amount of $5 milli.

“Beverly is an unstable woman,” Burk said earlier this year in a statement. “She accused me of threatening to slit her throat and slit her dog’s throat – which was complete made up,” Burk added.

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