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Brooklyn MC/Activist Mos Def: Sneak Peek Footage of New Hip Hop ‘History’


Photo of Brooklun MC/actor/activist Mos Def
Brooklyn MC/actor Mos Def real name Dante Terrell Smith-Bey, 36, just dropped a sneak peek of his new music video History.

The actor who recently played a role in the action comedy movie “Next Day Air,” which starred Mike Epps, Donald Faison, and Wood Harris, is also a known activist who actually was able to convince his co-stars to stop using the word “n-gger” in the film. Actually, after Mos Def convinced his co-stars, the word was banned from Next Day Air in all.

So, a known activist and actor, who also appeared in the television medical drama “House” with Dr. Gregory House played by actor Hugh Laurie, Mos Def included a bit of cinematography in his upcoming music video as seen in the sneak preview of ‘History.’

The song ‘History’ comes off Mos Def’s fourth studio album The Ecstatic which released June 9, 2009 on Downtown Records.

Go ahead and check out the 30-second preview of the acclaimed Brooklyn MC/actor/activist’s new music video ‘History’.

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