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Rapper Trina Calls Khia Music Fake and Wack After DJ Plays Her Song?!


Photo of female rappers Trina and Khia
In a video taped live performance, rapper Trina goes off apparently after a song which is believed to have been by Khia was played before she was to take the stage at Minnesota Vikings NFL player Bryant McKinnie’s party.

The two females rapper have been going up against each other for some time now about who is the “Queen of The South” with a few other Southern female rappers have been thrown into the mix such as former Three 6 Mafia artist Gangsta Boo of Memphis, and Florida rapper Jacki-O.

In the video which leaked on the Internet, it can be clearly seen that rapper Trina is going ballistic and she didn’t take it lightly that the artist was played prior to her performing calling the music wack and fake, which the song was not heard in the video clip.

While calling herself the “Baddest Bitch,” Trina acknowledged legendary rappers and her mentor Luke aka Uncle Luke of 2 Live Crew and Biz Markie and went on to address the incident that took place with the music.

“A real b*tch from the 305, we don’t do f*cked up sh*t. We don’t play no f*cked up wack ass b*tch sh*t before a real b*tch comes on stage, so that sh*t that y’all was bumping before I got on stage, if that’s what y’all was bumping, that’s fake sh*t. And if you a real motherf**ker and run into a real b*tch the baddest b*tch and then you bumping to this. And that’s how we do it… Get real or get the f*ck out the way!”

Check out the video of rapper Trina going in on Khia.

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