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Natalie Nunn Of Bad Girls Club Fights Portia + Naked Pictures Of Chris Brown!


Photo of Natalie Nunn of The Bad Girls Club
Natalie Nunn, reality TV personality on season four of Oxygen’s ‘The Bad Girls Club,’ has not only admitted now to possibly having sex with Chris Brown or rather “smashing the homie” as she puts it, in her radio interview with Angela Yee of SIRIUS Satellite Radio’s ‘Shade 45′ and ‘Lip Service,’ but also has now made the headlines for fighting with bad girl Portia and revealing she has naked pictures of Chris Brown.

Nunn who claims to have know Brown since 2004 also says she has naked pictures of the singer which she will expose if Chris Brown keeps playing around with her.

“…you don’t want me to go there, I will put some naked pictures of you [Chris Brown] out there on the internet,” Natalie Nunnn says.

As of yet, Nunn has not released the pictures but who knows?! It would not be the first naked pictures of a celebrity to hit the net over revenge, publicity, money or for whatever reason.

In other news, Natalie Nunn on a recent episode of The Bad Girls Club, got into a fist fight with fellow bad girl Portia over speaking about her child, and here’s video footage taken from that episode!

Bad Girls Club Season 4 – Natalie vs. Portia : The Fight

Photo of Natalie Nunn vs. Portia: Bad Girls Club Fight Picture of Natalie Nunn vs. Portia: Bad Girls Club Fight Natalie Nunn vs. Portia: Bad Girls Club Fight

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