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Lady Gaga The Hottest Ticket For New Years Eve In The Country!


Picture of singer Lady Gaga
You can call her off-the-wall or by any other name, but Lady Gaga is right now being called the hottest ticket for New Years Eve and she’s already booked and selling fast for one Miami hotel with more than $1 million in tickets sold.

Currently tickets are going up from $425 for general admission, according to New York Post, up to $25,000 for tables for the last remaining tickets for this exclusive and one-of-a-kind event. Who’s better to bring the New Year in with than someone like over-the-top Lady Gaga?

According to a report by PKF Hospitality Research, revenue in Miami based on per-room is expected to drop down 6% for the New Year which is a somewhat better drop than the 23% that was felt in 2009. Hotels having an exclusive party with an act like Lady Gaga will enjoy the benefits of some revenue before it all changes.

The Lady Gaga New Years Eve concert will be held at the historic Fontainebleau in South Beach, Florida.

Other celebrities to be hosting New Years Eve parties include 50 Cent at Pure in Caesars Palace, Christina Aguilera’s party at Tao in the Venetian (Las Vegas), Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon at M2 Ultra Lounge in NY, Rihanna at the Emirates Palace Hotel in the Middle East, Nicole Richie at Lavo in Las Vegas, amongst others.

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