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JFK Picture With Naked Women A Hoax?! Actually 1967 Playboy Photo Spread!


JFK Picture With Naked Women on Boat Ride: 1967 Playboy Photo Spread
New details have arrived in what was first believed and reported to be a John F. Kennedy scandal. An old photo showing President John F. Kennedy, then Senator Kennedy, sunbathing on a boat with several naked women around him appeared to be a new scandal of a photo appearing to expose Kennedy, but new details show that the photo is a hoax and actually a 1967 photo shoot for Playboy Magazine.

Beforehand, celebrity gossip site TMZ, had reported on tests of the photo’s authenticity and believed the photo to be a possible scandal boiling about as it showed two naked women jumping off the boat and two more naked women sunbathing on the top deck with a man appearing to be John F. Kennedy sunbathing as well.

The photo was later exposed by The Smoking Gun as a “colossal screw-up.” Gun revealed that TMZ had been duped.

Well, the photo first believed to possibly change history — John F. Kennedy enjoying a boat ride with several naked women – is now history but will go down as nothing more than a hoax or will be the new talk of Playboy Magazine offices and/or possibly a long walk of shame for someone within TMZ, hopefully not?! S*%^ happens!

Harvey Levin, TMZ’s executive producer has already stated that they are “not happy about it” but they state that it “is part of journalism.”

JFK Picture With Naked Women on Boat Ride: 1967 Playboy Photo Spread

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