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The F.B.I. Releases Files, Letters, Death Threats On The Late Michael Jackson!


Photo of Michael Jackson
On Tuesday, December 22, the F.B.I. released it’s files on the late Michael Jackson who died at age fifty on June 25th, 2009. Included in the files were detailed investigations into charges of child molestation as well as extortion threats that were made in 1992. The files also included newspaper clippings about the case.

The name of the man that was making death threats is Mr. Frank Paul Jones. Mr. Jones is a 34 year old man, a fan obsessed with Michael’s sister Janet Jackson. Mr. Jones has been arrested once at the White House for an attempted illegal entry, and a month later at the Jackson’s parent’s home in Los Angeles.

In one letter, the suspect wrote, “If they do not arrest me or solve my problem, I will attempt to kill George Bush.” In another letter, he threatened to commit a mass murder at a Michael Jackson concert, “if necessary” and to “personally attempt to kill Jackson if he doesn’t pay me my money,” as the letter stated.

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