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Brittany Murphy Funeral To Be Held; Eerie Movie Cover Gets Removed From Redbox


Picture of Brittany Murphy movie Deadline cover box art
Actress and singer Brittany Murphy’s movie cover art is being pulled from Redbox’s 19,000 kiosks (DVD vending machine) following her death. Mrs. Murphy passed away of cardiac arrest on Sunday, December 20 in Los Angeles, as reported on HipHopRX.com.

It may be disturbing to some people that Brittany Murphy, 32, is seen on the straight-to-dvd movie “Deadline” box art hanging over the tub lifeless in somewhat dark scenery and, not more than a week later, in real-life, dies in the shower. Now, Redbox feels that the movie box art should be pulled.

According to Redbox, the removal of the box art is expected to be completed by January 1st, but they still plan to still carry the film, just not the artwork.

“I can’t tell you if this particular art is up at all the locations,” a spokesperson told E! after mentioning that they have some 19,000 kiosks.

Redbox can be found at local retailers and gas stations ranging from Walgreens, Walmart, McDonalds, Kroger, Exxon, amongst others.

In related news, Brittany Murphy is expected to be laid to rest on Christmas Eve (today) and the ceremony will remain private with only invited guests. The body of the actress has already been transported to Forest Lawn Memorial Hills in Hollywood, CA. A memorial service is expected to follow sometime in the New Year.

Picture of Brittany Murphy movie Deadline cover box art

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