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Rapper Beanie Sigel Injured In Car Accident, Ran Off Road By Tractor Trailer


Photo of rapper Beanie Sigel
Hip-Hop artist and Philly rapper Beanie Sigel who has been speaking on his side of the story with former friend and rival Jay-Z over the past few months, is stated to have been injured in a car accident in Baltimore over the weekend (Saturday, December 19) following a session at a recording studio.

According to reports, the rapper was riding in a car that was side-swiped by a tractor trailer which also ran them off the road.

Beanie Sigel received several injuries to his body which included his legs, arms and face, however he did not wish to seek medical treatment reps are being reported as stating, but instead continued on to perform at a show in Norfolk, VA on Sunday.

In other news, Beanie Sigel is working on an upcoming album entitled “The Closure” which is expected to release sometime in 2010.

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