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Aubrey O’Day College Naked Pictures, Posed Nude For Guys To Do Classwork?! (Photos)


Picture of Aubrey O’Day in college - Shows off body to get guys to do class assignments
The former Danity Kane member Aubrey O’Day is stated to have made it easy upon herself while attending college at the University of California Irvine and got all the guys to do her classwork and assignments by showing them a little T & A.

A source told Nik over at The Dirty that they went to the University of California Irvine with Aubrey O’Day and she was good friends with a bunch of their frat brothers in Pi Kapa Alpha and that she would give Pre-PeepShow Boobs in their faces in exchange for them to routinely write most of her papers and do her assignments for classes. Read the full thing for yourself below.

Nik, when I was in college, around 2005, at the University of California Irvine I knew this girl, her name was Aubrey O’Day. Maybe you’ve heard of her. She was good friends with a bunch of my frat brothers in Pi Kappa Alpha. This was in the midst of her having sex with P. Diddy and God knows who else, to get a spot on Making the Band. To my surprise (HAHA) she started “lovin’ her way to the top” way before Diddy. She was hot, therefore guys would do some crazy sh*t to rub up on some tata’s. 3 of my PIKE bro’s routinely wrote most of her papers and did her assignments for her classes in exchange for some Pre-PeepShow Boobs in their faces. This is a pic of Aubrey back in 05?. She sent this to my bro to get him to write one of her papers for her. The text under the pic read: “A couple hours of work = anything you want…”. Rip her nik.

Photo of Aubrey O Day exposed college picture - Shows off body to guys for class assignments

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