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Oops?! Amazon Sends Out Lil Wayne’s ‘Rebirth’ Album; Eminem Collab Song Leaks


Photo of Lil Wayne Rebirth album cover
Lil’ Wayne’s ‘Rebirth’ album isn’t to be released until February 1st but Amazon.com customers who have pre-ordered the album are enjoying it now thanks to a shipping mishap.

Lil’ Wayne’s newest album ‘Rebirth’ started turning up in some 500 mailboxes this week after customer’s pre-ordered the album on Amazon.com. Thanks to a shipping mishap, about 500 Lil’ Wayne fans may be enjoying the new album according to the possible mishap.

Amazon.com sent out roughly 500 copies of the album after customer’s pre-ordered it online though the album isn’t set to be released untill February 1, 2010. A mistake in the shipping department at Amazon is the cause of the accidental leak of the album. According to Billboard.com, the album was set to be released December 21st but Wayne’s distributor, Universal Motown, recalled the album to be pushed back to Feb. 2010. Amazon.com must not have gotten the memo if they shipped out copies before the new release date.

The fans who already have the album may be holding a collectors item because Wayne is reportedly adding new tracks to the album, the reason for the change in the release date. Some songs, such as the Wayne/Eminem collaboration ‘Drop The World’, off the album have already been leaked to the internet.

To the 500 or so fans with the new album: Merry Christmas!!

Photo of Lil Wayne Rebirth album cover

Listen to Lil Wayne Feat. Eminem – Drop The World (Official Music) (HQ)

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