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Chris Brown Tweets On Twitter That He’s Being Blackballed By Music Retailers!


Photo of Chris Brown
Chris Brown claims that he’s being “blackballed” by stores that aren’t carrying or displaying his Graffiti album….Pop the trunk for more details!

It appears that retail outlets are being slow to embrace Brown’s return to the music business following his February assault against Rihanna. Brown is enraged over retail stores not carrying his new album and lying to customers. Several tweets of Brown appeared saying that ‘he’s tired of this sh**,” possibly in reference to the lack of support from retailers.

“Major stores are blackballing my CD. Not stockin the shelves and lying to customers. What the f— do I gotta do,” Brown questions.

An hour later Brown tweeted that the “music business can kiss my ass!” He is not retracting his statements, Brown said.

Chris Brown went on to thank his true fans: “Thx again to my real fans. U don’t go unnoticed. Love y’all.”

Seems Chris Brown isn’t taking his comeback too well. Is the past assault against Rihanna still biting him in the butt?!

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