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Was Tiger Woods Mistress Silenced and Her Attorney Gloria Allred?!


Photo of Rachel Uchitel and attorney Gloria Allred
Rachel Uchitel, the alleged mistress of Tiger Woods had a press conference that was quickly canceled by her attorney Gloria Allred for unknown reasons. Now Allred is unable to speak about the the Woods case! Is it because of the mysterious phone call as reported on HipHopRX.com?

Gloria Allred, the attorney representing the alleged mistress of Tiger Woods, Rachel Uchitel, has said she cannot talk about the Woods case!

Allred was scheduled to hold a news conference with Uchitel on Thursday, but abruptly canceled it without explanation. This comes after reports of Uchitel and Woods having a conversation over the phone the night before the scheduled press conference. The phone conversation may have been about money for silence as reported on HipHopRX.com.

So why did Allred cancel the press conference? “I just cannot comment on it,” Allred told The L.A. Times.

Lisa Bloom, Allred’s daughter, a legal analyst for CBS, said “that a confidential settlement must have been struck between Uchitel and Woods because I’ve worked with my mother for nine years and have never known her to cancel a news conference.” Makes you wonder huh?

Allred told the media today that “due to unforeseen circumstances, no further news conferences on the matter were planned at this time.”

Photo of Rachel Uchitel and attorney Gloria Allred

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