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Tiger Woods’ Neighbor’s 911 Call on The Day Of The Crash, Shocking Details!


Photo of Tiger Woods Cadillac Escalade accident picture
You may be wondering who called 911 during the infamous Tiger Woods call. Well according to reports, a call came in from a neighbor of the pro-golfer who witnessed the aftermath of Tiger Woods’ car crash which occurred on last week and involved or was possibly caused by a dispute with Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren over multiple alleged affairs on the part of Tiger Woods, as covered on HipHopRX.com.

Neighbor Calls 911 After Hearing Tiger Woods Car Crash
According to Inside Edition, Jarius Adams, the neighbor of Tiger Woods, called 911 around 2 a.m on the morning of the crash after finding Woods asleep on the ground. Adams was awakened when he heard a crash outside his home and went out to investigate. He found that Tiger Woods’ vehicle had slammed in to a tree and that Woods was on the ground beside the vehicle snoring. Woods later admitted that he was on pain killers and that was the reason for the snoring.

Take a look at these transcripts from the 911 call:

Tiger Woods Neighbor Calls 911 After Finding Car Crashed In Front of Their House

Adams says he got a blanket to put over Woods to keep him warm while Woods’s wife Elin stood nearby in total shock.

Tiger Woods Neighbor Calls 911 After Finding Car Crashed In Front of Their House

Why didn’t Elin help her husband? Because she was allegedly too busy chasing him out of the driveway with a golf club, busting out windows in so much of a rage that she didn’t care to think of what she was doing and apparently neither did Woods — he was actually snoring when Adams found him.

The operator asked Adams if he saw any injuries:

Neighbor Finds Lacerations on Tiger Woods After Car Crash

Police then asked Adams if he smelled alcohol on Woods breath:

Tiger Woods Neighbor Asked If They Smelled Alcohol On His After Car Crash
After finding that the windows of the SUV were smashed in not out, Adams’ sister was asked if she saw the golf clubs used by Elin to smash out the windows of Woods’ SUV:

Tiger Woods Neighbors Sister Was Asked Is She Saw Golf Clubs At The Scene

Tiger Woods was fined $164 for careless driving after being released from the hospital for lacerations to his face and now all hell has broken loose!

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