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Tiger Woods’ Gay Dreams Exposed In Sext Messages To Mistress?!


Photo of Tiger Woods with no shirt on - Tiger Woods shirtless
Reportedly Tiger Woods had a fascination with having a three-some with his alleged mistress and some big name ‘Male’ TV and sports jocks. In the closet?!

US Weekly reports that Rachel Uchitel, one of Woods’ alleged many mistresses, forwarded an intimate message to friends in where Tiger Woods says he dreams of having some sort of orgy with Uchitel, Derek Jeter, actor David Boreanaz and last but not least, Ryan Seacrest.

The following was taken from the alleged message to Uchitel from Woods:

“I had a dream we were married and I was leading the tournament, I came home, excited to see you, and there you were in the bedroom getting f**ked by Derek and David Boreanaz. Some part of me thinks you would like that.”

Woods went on to say how turned on he was at the thought of Uchitel getting slammed by Jeter and Boreanaz:

“Now I can’t get back to sleep. My body is tired, but my mind is awake. I Need an Ambien.”

His name isn’t Tiger Woods for nothing!!! You Animal, lol.

Photo of Tiger Woods with no shirt on - Tiger Woods shirtless

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