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Chris Brown To Tell What Rihanna Really Did To Him! Adam Lambert Kissing Draws Heat


Photo of Chris Brown
Chris Brown is set to tell the world what Rihanna really did to make him transform her face the way he did….Turn the page for details.

Good Morning America has booked Chris Brown for an exclusive interview on what Rihanna did to him. The interview was taped last week and will air on ABC’s Good Morning America in two weeks, just in time for the release of Brown’s Graffiti album.

Brown sat down with GMA’s Robin Roberts for an exclusive interview about the incident involving ex-girlfriend Rihanna almost a year ago that will be followed by a performance by Chris Brown. Producers of Good Morning America are hoping the interview will boost their ratings as the Rihanna interview did earlier this month.

The booking of Chris Brown on GMA comes just one day after the show canceled a performance by openly gay Adam Lambert stating that he is unpredictable on live television. Lambert has been catching heat after putting on a raunchy performance at the American Music Awards last week in where he kissed another man on stage.

Gay activists are in a rage over the cancellation of Lambert on GMA, wondering why a guy who beat his girlfriend to the point of no return can appear on the show but a gay man was canceled?

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