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Jim Jones Responds To Cam’ron Saying The ‘Old’ Dipset is Over!


In a recent interview, Cam’ron stated that Dipset was over! Jim Jones has his own opinions. Flip the script for details….

Cam’ron declared earlier this month that Dipset was over, during a video interview with HoodFiles.com saying, “The only thing that bothers me is when ni**** be like, ‘Oh, so you could be down with Dipset, they gone put you back down? How can you put somebody back down with something that they are? Keep it a hundred, Dipset is Dipset but it’s over. N**** gotta get over it.”

On Monday, Diplomats capo Jim Jones hit the air on Angela Yee’s Shade 45 show Lip Service to set it straight on behalf of the Dipset fans. “There ain’t no one person that can say Dipset is over,” Jones continues to say that “People just been doin’ a lot of YouTubing and trying to get themselves hot. When you can’t get on the radio I guess YouTube is the next best thing to get on”!

Cam stated in XXL Magazine that he owned a large percentage of the Diplomats’ brand but that did not stop Jones from this response. “I am Dipset! Whoever don’t like it come holla at me. I been Dipset. It started in the projects and ain’t nobody got me out of Apt. 5H but myself… and this is not a publicity stunt. I don’t go around sitting in shopping carts, I go around getting money. If there’s a problem; there’s a thin line between love and hate.”

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