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50 Cent And Taco Bell Lawsuit Comes To A Settlement!!


Picture of rapper 50 Cent
50 Cent reaches a settlement with fast food chain Taco Bell on Monday although the amount 50 Cent received was undisclosed.

Rapper 50 Cent has reached an undisclosed settlement with Taco Bell on Monday (Nov. 23) after suing them for $1 million dollars over a promotion that used his name and likeness and making him the star of a nationwide campaign without his permission back in June 2008.

The promotion that 50 sued Taco Bell over was the one in which Taco Bell offers 50 Cent $10,000 to change his name to 79 Cent, 89 Cent or 99 Cent for one day.

According to 50′s lawyers, both parties reached a ‘confidential’ settlement yesterday.

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