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Jennifer Lopez Falls On Her Ass(ets) At American Music Awards! Calls It Part Of The Act!


‘Did I trip a little bit?’ Um Yeah! ‘Yeah, well I meant to do that,’ says Lopez, but is it believable?! Hmmmm..

During a graceful performance of her new single, ‘Louboutins,’ at the American Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez un-gracefully took a spill in which she has quickly brushed off as a well planned stunt.

Lopez tells Ryan Seacrest today on his KBS-FM radio show that her fall on Sunday night at the American Music Awards was highly choreographed.

“Did I trip a little bit?” she responded when asked about the fall, “yeah, I meant to do that. That was part of the choreography,” she says.

Photo of Jennifer Lopez Falling at American Music Awards

If you missed it, Lopez was seen walking up a human staircase during her performance. When she jumped off the last, Lopez lands slap on her ass! The extra padding back there helped comfort the fall to where she was able to recover quick enough to tell the media that she meant to do that.

She later admitted to Seacrest that the fall was not part of the show in saying, “The measure of things isn’t what happens when you fall, it’s how you recover when you fall!”

We knew you didn’t accidentally fall on purpose. Good try though!

Picture of Jennifer Lopez climbing dancers back at American Music Awards 2009 Photo of Jennifer Lopez before falling at American Music Awards 2009 Jennifer Lopez jumps off dancers back and falls at American Music Awards

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