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Diddy Turns 40, Still Parties Like a Rockstar! Jay-Z Pissed At Beyonce?! (Photos)


Diddy And Friends
Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs turned 40 on November 4th but celebrated his birthday last night in the Grand Ballroom of the Plaza Hotel in New York City!

Everyone and their momma showed up to celebrate Diddy’s 40th Birthday party at New York City’s Grand Ballroom at the Plaza Hotel. Guest stars Kim Kardashian, Martha Stewart, Spike Lee and Ed Burns were in attendance as well as Tyrese, Cassie and none other than a somewhat pissed off looking Jay Z! Check photo after the jump!

Jay Z

Sources say Jay Z had a bad attitude and seemed pissed about something. Maybe he was upset that his wife Beyonce’ was out crowd surfing and messing around with her bodyguard Julius in London? (as reported on HipHopRX.com)

Did we mention that Bey says she was not ready to have Jigga’s baby from London?

On a nicer tip: Diddy seemed like he enjoyed himself although everyone was trying to talk to him at once, sources say he was still sweet and tried his best to be the center of attention. Like Diddy really has to ‘try’ to do that.

Happy Big 40 Diddy From HipHopRX.com!

Photo of Diddy And Friends Photo of Tyrese, Diddy And Friend

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