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Singer Nivea says She’s Still Pregnant With Rapper Lil Wayne’s Baby After Rumor


Picture of RnB singer Nivea
R&B singer Nivea who’s currently pregnant with the unborn baby of rapper Lil Wayne has spoken on the rumor of her having her baby which manifested on last week.

Nivea allegedly went into labor on November 12th, as reported on HipHopRX.com, and was expected to possibly deliver their newborn son. After the rumor began to spread of the singer going into labor, more gossip began circulating that the hip hop artist Lil Wayne wasn’t coming to the birth, but instead was hanging out with his new artist.

The rumor of Nivea giving birth began to add on more and more hearsay such as Lil Wayne wasn’t allowed in the birth room (delivery room) and so forth.

To squash all the talk, Nivea took to her Twitter micro-blog and stated that she’s still pregnant.

“So far evrythng you’ve heard or read is false, sorry!,” Nivea wrote.

Meanwhile, the singer says she’s going to walk it out.

Nivea is the ex-wife of music producer The-Dream with whom she shares three children with (a daughter and twin boys).

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