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Beyonce Says She’s Not Ready For Kids Despite Jay Z’s Wants!


Beyonce Knowles says she’s not ready to have Jay Z’s baby but Jay Z says the two agreed to have one?

Jay-Z said in an interview with Gotham magazine that he and Beyonce have agreed to have kids and that having a baby with Beyonce is one of the couple’s top priorities now. Beyonce says no, shes not ready!

Bey eventually wants to start a family with Jay-Z and would base her parenting skills on that of her own mother.

“It’s not time for that yet. But definitely there will be a time. I want to be a great mother, the kind of mother that I have. I want the same bond that I had with my mom and that would be enough for me,” says Beyonce. “The security and love I feel being in a relationship, a marriage, is absolutely incredible. Incredible.”

Beyonce said the time for parenthood would come but for now she was happy just being a couple.

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