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Mike Tyson Arrested After Punching Photographer In Fight Over Wife


Photo of Mike Tyson handcuffed after hitting photographer
Retired boxing champ Mike Tyson, 43, had a little scuffle on Wednesday while at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) with photographer Tony Echevarria, 50, which resulted in the two making citizen arrests on each other after the incident and looking to press charges.

Reportedly while Mike Tyson was going through the airport en route to Las Vegas after coming from Europe, the photographer attempted to take his picture at the terminal and provoked him by getting extremely close to him, sources state.

No one is sure what the photographer may have said or done to Mike Tyson, but whatever the case, Mike Tyson who was with his wife and 10 month-old baby punched the photographer in the face which resulted in him hitting the floor. The photographer got up and walked away with a laceration on his head and was taken to the hospital when authorities arrived.

Mike Tyson was booked on suspicion of battery charges and was released after posting a $20,000 bail, while some sources state that there was no bail. Tony Echevarria is also stated to have been charged on the same charges, misdemeanor battery charges and was allegedly booked on the charges after being released from the hospital.

Later a publicist for Mike Tyson stated that Mike was only protecting his wife and child.

In other news, earlier this year, Mike Tyson’s 4 year-old daughter, Exodus, died after the cord of an exercise machine accidentally got wrapped around her neck, as reported on HipHopRX.com.

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