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Carrie Prejean Sex Tape Queen On Larry King; Nude Photos Exposed By Ex-Boyfriend


Photo of Miss California Carrie Prejean in a bikini
Former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean, the Sex Tape Beauty Queen, called Larry King ‘inappropriate’ for his questions in their recent CNN interview. The star of her own homemade hardcore sex tape found by Miss California USA organization, Carrie Prejean has been somewhat ducking and dodging media due to possible discrimination and defamation, after admitting already that her racy sex tape was the biggest mistake of her life.

Prejean was like many teenagers in love who did stupid things to make their boyfriend happy without thinking about the consequences. Prejean wrote that “pornography has become mainstreamed” and this inturn has made it hard for girls to have an “innocent, healthy, normal view of themselves.”

Well maybe she’s learned her lesson about sex tape, but was she ready for a media interview with the likes of CNN’s Larry King?

Well in her interview with Larry King, Prejean was questioned about whether she had told anyone at the Miss USA pageant about the video and she replied no. Larry King went on to talk about her suing the pageant after they fired her and proceeded to ask her did she make a settlement with them and why did she settle with them. King proceeded to ask why did she settle with them after she accused them of religious discrimination when they came back at her with a counter suit even though she allegedly said this issue was very important to her.

Carrie Prejean believed that King’s questions were quote ‘inappropriate.’

In related news, Carrie Prejean’s former MySpace boyfriend has exposed her for trying to get him to lie, or so he claims. Prejean met her former boyfriend through a friend. The boyfriend claims that Prejean wanted him to say that she was underage at the time she took the 10 plus graphic videos of herself that she sent him. The boyfriend went on to say he has never met anyone who lies as much as Prejean and that she was indeed over 18.

Still developing…

Photo of Carrie Prejean in a bikini Photo of Carrie Prejean at a beauty pageant Photo of Miss California Carrie Prejean in a bikini
Photo of Miss California Carrie Prejean topless picture Picture of Miss California Carrie Prejean topless

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