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C-Murder Has No Money For Appeal, Attorneys Step In; Master P Has Words



C-Murder catches a break when two Attorneys step in to assist him in his retrial free of charge!

Cory ‘C-Murder’ Miller, 38, can’t afford an attorney nor can he afford to pay the $20,702 for case records, trial transcripts and fees. Since Miller has no record of income or savings, Attorney’s Robert Smith, of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute of Race and Justice at Harvard Law School and John Adcock of New Orleans have stepped up to the plate to represent Miller free of charge.

The two attorneys have filed a motion to declare him indigent, enabling Miller to access court records at no cost.

Miller was convicted of second-degree murder in the death of 16 year old Steve Thomas after allegedly shooting him to death inside a Jefferson Parish nightclub in January of 2002 and was sentenced to a mandatory life sentence, as reported on HipHopRX.com.

C-Murder is the brother of Master P., one of the wealthiest Hip-Hop entrepreneurs in the game! In a recent interview, Master P. spoke about C-Murder’s incarceration.

“He know he didn’t commit this crime but for him keeping it real in the streets and not saying who did it, where he at? He in the penitentiary, so sometimes your pride could kill you. My whole thing is: don’t let pride get in the way of what you want to do. Hip-hop artists got this ‘keep it real’ thing like they on the streets now.”

“Right now, C-Murder is a victim of a crime himself. He’s innocent on this case but because of his name, image and past, that’s given them the right to take him away off the streets,” Master P. added in his interview with AllHipHop.

OK, if C-Murder is so innocent then many may wonder why isn’t Master P spending some of that dough on trying to get him out??

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