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Beyonce Backlashed By Islamic Groups; Didn’t Want Her ‘Sex Party’ There


Photo of Beyonce Knowles at MTV Europe Awards in red lingerie outfit
Beyonce Knowles known for her sexy, revealing, provocative wardrobe, wasn’t wanted by conservative Muslims in Egypt to perform for her first ever performance over the weekend.

Reportedly Islamic groups in Egypt were in fear of letting Beyonce Knowles bring her first upcoming concert to the country by making claims that it would threaten their “social peace and stability” in the country. According to sources, Islamic conservatives branded Beyonce Knowles’ show as an “insolent sex party.”

Along with the uproar from a number of Egypt’s largest and most powerful Muslim groups, the show, which tickets were approximately $300 US dollars (2200 Egyptian pounds), did get criticism also from those who wanted to attend the concert on Friday, November 6.

This isn’t the first time that Beyonce has been lashed out at. In October, Malaysia Muslim leaders protested and criticized the singer for her sexy over-the-edge stage attire as well.

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