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Watch Chris Brown aka Breezy’s New ‘Transform Ya’ Off Graffiti Album


Chris Brown I Can Transform Ya
Chris Brown has premiered ‘I Can Transform Ya’ the video. It’s the first single and video off his upcoming ‘Graffiti’ album, due out December 15.

Directed by Joseph Kahn, who has worked on other videos for Britney Spears (“Toxic,” “Womanizer”) and Eminem (“We Made You”), ‘I Can Transform Ya’ is his latest work of art. Based on the Transformers theme, Kahn has transformed Chris Brown into a Firetruck and a sports car in the video and Swizz Beats into a tank. Of course, you can catch guest star Lil’ Wayne with his signature guitar! Along with the dancing and Breezy doing some ninjutsu, I think it was a job well done!

Brown on the other hand has had a rough year with the fight, probation, community service etc. and a lot of critiques are skeptical about Breezy’s comeback alleging he transformed Rhianna’s face. Though no one has officially said it like this, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read between the lines. Let the man do his thing, I mean Rhianna seems to be doing just that in her works.

“I Can Transform Ya” is the first single from Brown’s Graffiti album and the single is on its way up the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. ‘Crawl’, the albums second single leaked its way to the internet last week and is reportedly a song about a relationship gone bad.

Lyrics from ‘Crawl’:
“Everybody see it’s you/ Well, I never want to lose that view,” Brown sings. “Everybody says we’re through/ I hope you haven’t said it too.”

Check out the new music video “I Can Transform Ya” from Chris Brown featuring rapper Lil Wayne and music producer Swizz Beatz.

Chris Brown I Can Transform Ya Transform Ya

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